Movie genres

Action Movie:- Die Hard

Animation:- Nightmare Before Christmas

Comedy:- Grown ups 2

Horror:- Oculus

Sci-fi:- Oblivion

Thriller:- Cellular

Elements of a Horror Film:-

Gore, Darkness, Jump scares

Elements of a Action Film:-

Car Chases, Firefights, Destruction

Convention of a Horror Film:-

Dark lights are really important in a Horror film if its to bright to can see the scary from a mile away, Intense Music is needed for a Horror Playing Happy Music when a monster appears wont work well, Loud Sound Effects is a key element to a horror film having a monster on screen and hearing a cow moo instead of a Terrifying Scream

Convention of a Action Film:-

lots of visual effects, past pace music, a Mix Brightness of Lighting



We Filmed 5 ten second videos and use Premire Pro to make it into one video.

Song:- Change of Coast by Neon Indian

Movie Montage

we were looking at different styles of Movie montage and the main styles are called Metric and Rhythmic i found a trailer that show both as well as Metric and Rhythmic



Edge of Tomorrow

Iron Man 3