Good and Bad Website

We have been asked to find two good websites and two bad website that are good for the point of usability.


Everyone can simply use Twitter. You can Alter the background using a picture or a Simple colour of your choice. The layout is basic and easy to use. You can alter the Font colours, links and text.


Facebook is a great website with basic layout that is easy to use. It looks okay as its plain and basic with a stranded White and Blue. Anyone can us Facebook as it has easy setup and a easy to use instant messenger.

Bad Websites

Meta Tech

Meta Tech is written in columns with no lines to separate them which is really difficult read. the text size is varying and hard to read. it has search bar from different websites which are confusing. the background is white and helps to make the images stand out but a colour for the text would help to make it more readable. the page link bar is very long and not well organized making it difficult to read.

Rudgwick Country Show

Rudgwick Country Show is extremely hard to read as the background is black and it has loads of adverts which are very colour and it just doesn’t work for this website.


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