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We’ve been looking a eBooks on a site called project Gutenberg that gives you free eBooks in many Formats.


Gutenberg uses many formats such as :- HTML, EPUB, Kindle, Plucker.

a link to a Book called The Mentor, it shows the variety of formats http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/44367


you can read Ebooks on devices such as :- Pc, Kindle tablet, Tablets, Smartphones.

link to meny devices that you can use to read eBooks http://products.pricerunner.co.uk/results/query?cateid=1156&q=Ebook+Reader&gclid=CLC5qs-tm7sCFWzHtAodTHMAEg


you can download eBooks in meny places :- Project Gutenberg, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Kobobooks


the software that is needed to use eBooks is:- notepad, iBooks, Kindle

software for eBooks http://dearauthor.com/ebooks/dear-jane-ebooks/dear-jane-what-ebook-reading-apps-should-i-use-on-the-laptop/