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where and when did it start?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin began to a search engine called BackRub in 1996. BackRub was available on Stanford servers for more than a year but it took up too much bandwidth.

On September 15th 1997 was registered as a domain and was made with the aim to have infinite amount of information on the web.

what services does Google provide?

Larry Page described the

perfect search engine.

As something that

understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you want.

Google provides many tools for businesses and provide maps aswell as other many useful tools.

how many users does Google have?

Google has over 400 million users and increases each day.

Google makes an average of $25 billion a year due to ads

what is google worth?

Google is said to be worth between $200 and $250 billion. ion/how-much-is-google-worth

People use google on an everyday bases. They use it on computers, laptops, mobiles, tablets. Each for different tasks and tools.

Gmail Users No Longer Need To Download Attachments, As Google Drive Gets Baked Into The Inbox

Now users will be able to skip the whole process involved with downloading email attachments, and instead view and save their files directly to Google Drive

A link to the story – Google Drive


when did they start?

Facebook is an online social networking service.Facebook was founded in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow Harvard University students Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.

What services does facebook provide?

Facebook is a social network so you can talk to those who are over seas and if years have gone by you can keep touch, you ncan descover new friends and communitys and play games, sometimes facebook is used for work i use it in college, other companys promote new products on facebook.

how many users

Since March facebook had 1.15 billion users and is still growing to this day.

How do facebook make money?

Facebook’s figures are quite astonishing. The site’s initial public offering (IPO) was priced at $38 a share, giving the site a $104billion (£66billion) valuation and making it the third-largest offering in US history.

In short, advertising. The site made $3.7billion (£2.4billion) of revenue last year, up 88% on 2010, with $3.1billion (£2billion) coming from advertising. The rest comes from payments and other fees which have been making up a large percentage of Facebook’s revenue over the past two years.

Advertisers are attracted by two key things on Facebook; firstly, its massive reach with around 500 million daily active users, and secondly the ability to target ads with “relevance” based on the information individuals share with the website.

How much is Facebook worth?

facebook make an average of about $100 Billion a year.

people use facebook everyday for work and personal use, on laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile devices so that they can socialize on the go.

Snapchat rejects $3bn Facebook buyout

Snapchat, the fast-growing messaging system, has reportedly rejected a $3bn buyout offer from Facebook.


where and when did it start?

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA, United States of America
CEO: Dick Costolo
Founded: March 2006, San Francisco, California, United States
Founders: Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone

what services does Twitter provide?

Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read “tweets”, which are text messages limited to 140 characters. Registered users can read and post tweets but unregistered users can only read them.

how many users does Twitter have?

Twitter has over 200 million since Feb 2013.

what is Twitter worth?

Twitter is worth $18 Billion a year.

Users access Twitter through the website interface, SMS, or mobile device app.

JPMorgan cancels Twitter Q&A after tirade of abuse

But by yesterday afternoon due to the scale of the abuse the company cancelled the event, announcing: “Tomorrow’s Q&A is cancelled. Bad Idea. Back to the drawing board.”